Everyday Super Food

Everyday Super Food

by Jamie Oliver

Published 2015

super food

I am a Granola Dust Convert

I wasn’t expecting to review cookery books on here, but when I come across one that changes my entire view of breakfast, I think it deserves a review!

Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Super Food is a collection of colourful, healthy, delicious recipes which (so far) seem entirely do-able and enjoyable. I have been on the search for breakfast options which move away from sugary cereals and bread products and now I have found many alternatives… the most important of which is DUST. Jamie calls it “Awesome granola dust- nuts, seeds, oats and fruit galore.” I call it DUST.

It is very simple to make- roast porridge oats and nuts, add dry fruit, coffee and cocoa powder and blitz until it’s dust. I now eat this every morning with yogurt and fruit and I love it. I wish I could think of another name for it, but I can’t and what’s the use of pretending – it is what it is and that’s dust. Apparently I can make it into pancakes, porridge or a tasty hot drink… but I haven’t bothered because it is perfect as it is.

Other fabulous recipes include

Vegeree not Kedgeree

Happiness Pasta

Skinny Carbonara

Tasty Samosas

There are many more that I just haven’t got round to trying, but I know that I will. This is going to become a well-thumbed book that hangs around my kitchen for many years  – perhaps until it looks like my faithful copy of Delia’s Complete Cookery course!


So, even if you are sceptical about Super Foods (or Jamie Oliver), give this one a go and your breakfasts may be transformed.



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